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 CONTACT Measurement News

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N°66 complet (6.7 Mo)

(English issue,6 MB)
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CONTACT Actualités Mesures is an information magazine created by Chauvin Arnoux for its industrial customers and future customers.
In each issue, technical reports give an update on a technique or specific measurement application.
The columns in CONTACT are open to the four divisions: Test & Measurement, Power Measurement & Control, Temperature Measurement & Control, and Service. Naturally, a large part of the magazine is dedicated to new products, placing the accent on customer advantages. As the group's magazine, CONTACT, does not carry advertising from external advertisers. With more than 40,000 copies printed, it is available by free subscription.
The periodicity of the French version of CONTACT is 2 to 3 issues per year depending on the company's developments. 
The English language version, CONTACT Measurement News, is published for our English-speaking readers, while a German language version, CONTACT Neuheiten Messtechnik, is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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